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We are a Colombian based electronic music agency with an international background and scope. Our mission is to elevate the senses using music, space, and imagination. For us, it's all about taking the moment into the future through DJ sets and interactive experiences. We transform spaces to accommodate extraordinary and unforgettable parties. Our destiny is to break the boundaries between good beats and people. Our commitment to construct incredible moments for our crowds through music is unstoppable. If you are reading this, we urge you to connect with us in any way you feel comfortable. Join our cause by sharing our music, downloading it, assisting us in our events or leaving a love note on our social feeds. Get in touch with us through our contact form below.



by Caribbean

Este formato musical presentado en la temporada 2019 encoding SnP Reune sonidos y estilos timbricos provenientes del techno, House, minimal y Electroclash.


Heating Heart

by Julez Cordoba

HEATING HEART Es el primer trabajo musical de estudio de la temporada 2019 ENCODING de SnP Records.



by Bezaleel y Emilio Coll

Just in the center

by Caribbean




to the Right EP

by Bezaleel

Out left EP

by Oscillator

Oscillator - To Sequence it (Video Teaser)


A. Oscillator - Out left
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In 2013 Manuel Villa met for the first time an electronic instrument, the "synthesizer" which changed the way he understood the analogy of electronic music, a particular synthesizer module caught his attention, the OSCILLATOR which is in charge of generating the waveform created by the electronic sound. Manuel Villa who had been touring the most important festivals in Barranquilla and Buenos Aires and working in the area of music production at SnP Records as PV Soul Motion decides in 2016 to name his new stage act "OSCILLATOR" adding his closest influences of electronic music such as Techno, Groove acid House and Disco.



Bezaleel aka ORFOLOR also known as Carlos Orfale has been associated with Electronic Music since 1995; his involvements include the production and promotion of underground music events in his based cities: Barranquilla, Colombia and Miami, EEUU. While living abroad in Miami he embraced what he calls a gift from God and started playing music for the masses. Soon he discovered the incredible energy that can be transfered to crowds while playing his music.         In 2010, he took the next big step and started his own music label;   SnP Records, with the focus being on the distribution and production of high quality electronic dance music.                

In 2013 he founded Electronic Art Festival in his beloved city of Barranquilla; which serves as a platform for all audio/visual artists to expose their talents and get exposure nationally+internationally.

Nowadays Carlos is even more involved in his music career as you may find him in the studio, evolving sound thorough his own process of creation, working side by side with his fellow SnP artists who he considers family. 




Born and based in Barranquilla, Colombia, had contact with music at an early age. At 17 he began his piano lessons, and over time also learned to play the drums, flute and folk percussion. Having studied electronic music production in the legendary, Sonic school; and Mix & Mastering in Arjaus, both in Buenos Aires, now he captures and portrays in his productions essences of House and the strength of Techno, making unique musical tunes.

Today, Oscar is a fundamental part of the local scene, thanks to the hundreds of events in which he has participated. He has played in the best clubs and festivals in the city, and has shared the stage with national and international benchmarks, such as Alexi Delano, Stefano Noferini and Par Grindvik, his sets have participated in Ibiza Global Radio and Coco.Fm of Miami, Florida.





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